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In-Shop Services

Free Diagnostics

Computers are an extremely complicated combination of hardware and software working together in harmony. Similar symptoms can point several different causes. In order for us to be able to give you a fair and accurate quote, we need to test the issue and your system for ourselves. That is why we will waive the $55 diagnostic fee when you allow us to complete the work needed.

Virus & Malware Removal

Our most popular service. Stop the pop-ups, the slow downs, the crashes and the privacy leaks. Virus and malware can damage your software, your data, and leak personal information. END THE CHAOS TODAY! Our unique clean-up procedure has been carefully developed through years of experience. We can detect and route out even the most persistent and embedded bugs.

Remote Support Service

Need help with problem but don't want to lug you computer into our shop? Then you may want to try our Remote Support Service!

To make it easier for you, we have developed a remote support tool that allows you to share your system with us so we can help resolve problems almost like we were right there with you.

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Computer Cleanings

When computers are turned on they are constantly drawing air through the case to cool the interior components. Dust and other particles in the air like smoke, soot, cat dander etc. is drawn through the case and some of it sticks to the circuit boards, fans and other internal parts. Judging from the number of webs we’ve cleaned out over the years, spiders also like the inside of computer cases.

All this stuff builds up inside your computer and compromises the cooling system, leading to overheating which can cause data loss and component failure. Call us for a cleaning appointment. This little bit of preventative maintenance is vital to the long term health of your computer.

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Home-based & Small Business Services


Proactive Maintenance (RMM)

Most people don’t think about regular maintenance. But since we are geeks focused on performance, it’s one of the things at the top of our list. We KNOW what can happen to computers if they are not properly maintained.

Our RMM service continuously monitors the vitals of your computer and alerts us if there are any potential problems like low memory, overheating hardware, or missing Windows updates. Proactively addressing these issues will help ensure your computer is reliable and running at peak performance.

Let us help keep your computer working properly by signing up for one of our continuous maintenance plans.

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Disaster Proof Data Backup

As a business owner you understand how valuable your data is. From an accidential file deletion, to hardware failure, virus infections, or even natural disasters, your valuable data is always at risk.

Maximum Data-Protection: Your data is backed up locally and also securely stored offsite. Even if your system is stolen or distroyed you can get your data back!

Reduce Downtime: Our backup solution not only backs up certain files or folders, but can image entire systems. These images can run as a "virtualized computer" to temporarly replace the original system until it can be repaired. In a worst case scenario we can get you up and running within 24-48 hours, sometimes even less!

Worry-Free Backups: We monitor the entire backup process and are notified when issues arise so we can take steps immediately to resolve them.

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Emergency Service

How would your work or life be affected if your computer suddenly stopped working? Viruses, hardware failure or software failures can all cause computers to fail. If this happens to you, it can have immediate consequences if you can’t access your important data or do your job.

Custom Solutions / Consulting

System integrations. System, software and network upgrades. Customized solutions. Put our years of collected knowledge and experience to work for you. We can help you sort out your technical questions and provide a customized solution that works for your business environment.