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Automated Backup Solutions Starting at $99.99 – Includes 1TB drive and software.

Do you need an automated backup solution? A better question to ask yourself would be, "If my computer vanished today, what would I lose?" Do you have burned copies of your photos, music, documents and accounting databases?

With our automated backup solution you won't ever have to worry about burning copies of your files again. Automated backups are set up on a regular schedule and happen in the background on your computer. Feel confident and prepared that your files are safe against catastrophic computer failure.

What We Do

Computer Service

How would your work or life be affected if your computer suddenly stopped working? Viruses, hardware failure or software failures can all cause computers to fail. If this happens to you, it can have immediate consequences if you can’t access your important data or do your job.

Computer Sales

Our slogan is “Performance is Everything”, but performance is also relative. As a customer, it is important for us to provide you with the computer that meets YOUR needs. Business users have very different requirements from gamers, so we tailor your computer to YOU.

On-Site Service

Businesses today rely on their computers and networks for everything including bookkeeping, marketing, telecommunications, payment processing and much-much more. Businesses require systems that are reliable and can keep up with the speed of business. Downtime can be...